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Theater MITU


Character: Linda Loman

A Theater Mitu Collaboration


Held hostage by their past, a family grapples with failure, worth and a world closing in around them. In this hyper-theatrical production, human beings become objects, music carries the memory of days long gone, and a life is reduced to a mortgage. Theater Mitu’s staging of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman explores a landscape of unrealized hopes and asks what happens when you are written out of the American Dream.

Original Music: Ellen Reid in collaboration with Ada Westfall
Set Design: Kate Ashton and Rubén Polendo
Scenic Collaborator: Leighton Mitchell
Costume Design: Candida K. Nichols
Lighting Design: Kate Ashton
Sound Design: Alex Hawthorn
Mask Design: Lori Petermann
Object Design: Scott Spahr
Object Design Collaborator: Sanaz Ghajar
Dramaturgy: Chris Mills
Associate Director: Scott Spahr
Producer: Jimmy Walden

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