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An in-depth exploration of voice as experienced through the body and ensemble. The body is our gateway to the actor’s craft and all creative sources, and from the body we will begin our investigation of voice, sounding, song, text and musicality through a dynamic exploration of the origins of sound. The ensemble is our foundation for the theatrical devising process and all of our work will be reflected and magnified through the ensemble. We will deepen the body-voice connection and explore how we physically experience sound, that through a flow of movement and breath we can awaken sound vibrations within the body -resonating the bones and tissues- creating a visceral understanding of the voice and enlivening new possibilities for song, text and vocal improvisation. We are seeking to create a voice that is open and free, expressive and capable of communicating emotional truth while awakening a deep sense of listening and responsiveness to the impulses that arise within one’s own body and from the collective ensemble. This awareness is brought into musicality through the integration of sound, song, rhythm, relationships and imagination.


During this workshop we will explore basic and fundamental exercises designed to bring awareness of the process of creating sound in a healthy, visceral and completely embodied way. Our whole bodies may vibrate with sound. We will open many possibilities of sounding so that each participant may begin to discover the “many voices” we have inside and begin the process of creating with these voices. We will explore text as music and learn how to counterpoint text within music and rhythm and also how text can seamlessly integrate into music. We will also learn the fundamentals of solo improvisation, group improvisation and basic polyphonic singing.


Each participant is asked to prepare a text (classical, contemporary or poetry) that is close to their heart and also a song with personal connection. Traditional songs are encouraged.


Embodied Voice
Text & Musicality

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photo Karol Jarek

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