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Embodied Voice Practices

Embodied Voice Practices is an embodied approach to vocal training which utilises somatic practices and vocal technique to bring about the awareness, awakening and activation of an authentic voice. Full body, full breath, full emotion, full potential.


We seek to create a voice that is open and free, expressive and capable of communicating emotional truth while awakening a deep sense of listening and responsiveness to the impulses that arise within our body. This awareness can be brought into musicality through the integration of sound, song, rhythm, relationships and imagination.

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Diaphragmatic Breathing Part One

This is the first of five mini lessons devoted to understanding and accessing our diaphragmatic breath. In this video, I explain the mechanism of diaphragmatic breathing and it’s importance for our lives as well as give a small five minute breathing exercise. 

In each lesson, I’ll lead you through a really simple and effective exercises to free up this process and help you access your natural breath. Ahhhh.... 


Diaphragmatic Breathing Part Two

This is the second part of five mini lessons devoted to understanding and accessing our diaphragmatic breath. In this video I give two exercises that will help activate the diaphragm and release the surrounding muscles! 

Each day I’ll lead you through a really simple and effective exercise to free up this process and help you access your natural breath. Ahhhh.... 


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Diaphragmatic Breathing Part Three

Here is Part Three of my five part series of mini lessons devoted to breath and breathing! In this video we'll explore opening the back and the sides to help access and deepen our diaphragmatic breath. We'll also do a bit more sounding to help increase the release and awareness of our diaphragm. 

In each part I’ll lead you through some simple and effective exercise to free up this process and help you access your natural breath. Ahhhh...



Diaphragmatic Breathing Part Four

Hello! Part four of the Diaphragmatic Series of Mini-Lessons is HERE! and it is about the PSOAS muscles and their relationship to our diaphragm and breathing. The psoas are the DEEPEST muscles in our core and intimately connected to our breathing process. They are responsible for so many of our bodies movements and also our phychological wellbeing because of their connection with our breath. And just as the breath shortens and sharpens when we are under stress, so does our psoas. In this video we're going to go over the incredible anatomy and function of the psoas and get into some exercises that are designed to bring balance to these muscles whereby contributing to the healthy function of our breathing and vocalising. PLUS I give bonus instruction on Constructive Rest, the most regenerative and restorative position for our whole body. Let's go!!


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Embodied Voice Practices can be experienced as an in-depth exploration of voice as experienced through the body and the space around us. The body is our gateway to all creative sources, and from the body we begin our investigation of voice, sounding, song, text and musicality through a dynamic exploration of the origins of sound. We deepen the body-voice connection and explore how we physically experience sound. Through a flow of movement and breath we can awaken sound vibrations within the body -resonating the bones and tissues- creating a visceral understanding of the voice and enliven new possibilities for song, text, vocal improvisation and all communication. 


“It was for the first time in my life that I have decided to work with my voice and breath. An unexpected and absolutely amazing result came out. In two weeks, my whole perspective about voice has changed. I have discovered new, unknown treasures in my body and my vocal cords. I have discovered myself. “ - Teadora Ursa 

“Julianna's vocal sessions were well and truly beyond anything I had previously experienced in my twenty years as a professional interdisciplinary performing artist.  Juilanna is a particularly gifted facilitator, her extreme sensitivity enabled myself, and noticeably many in our group, to reach very deep levels of connection and release. Her methods and guidance allowed me to find vocal qualities I had never heard myself make before. These sessions were possibly the most freeing, empowering and enlightening moments I have spent, learning who I am and what I'm capable of.  I realised the boundaries I gave myself, for a very long time were ungrounded, a whole new realm of effortless capacity opened to me.  I can't recommend Julianna's vocal sessions enough, they blew my mind.” - Cara Dinley