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photo Mateusz Bral


photo Mateusz Bral

Song of the Goat Theater
INNE & Iván Pérez Aviles


Ensemble, Chorus & Soloist

The Tempest of William Shakespeare is happening in the imagination of a demented old man Prospero, who, chained in his prison, is dreaming and stargazing. Prospero's imagination is poetic and magnetic, he creates all the characters that surround him; he is all of them at once and yet doesn’t see any of them at all. Imagination just like the myth creates the music and dance. Choreography is accompanied by vocal polyphony.
A team of 19 performers shows the interior of the mad mind of a lonely old man.
The Tempest  is the last of Shakespeare's dramatic text written from the perspective of leaving behind the world. It is a metaphor and fable at the same time.
A performance full of sadness and nostalgia is created by actors of the Song of the Goat Theater together with the dancers of acclaimed choreographer Iván Pérez.
Music prepared by Jean Claude Acquaviva, Maciej Rychły mixed together with traditional Georgian songs.

Director: Grzegorz Bral
Dramaturgy: Alicja Bral
Music: Jean Claude Acquaviva, Maciej Rychły
Choreography: INNE I Iván Pérez Aviles
Song preparation: Łukasz Wójcik

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