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Polyphonic Body

The Radiant Storyteller

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For performance professionals and advanced students, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to examine how the body, voice, imagination and ensemble can be utilized to find new sources of creativity.

We all have within us hundreds of voices, characters, and possibilities of creative manifestation. The Polyphonic Body, is allowing all the elements of the performer’s inner life, vocal possibilities and physical expression to be channeled in a harmonious and contrapuntal way. This workshop is designed to open and integrate all aspects of the performer. Each exercise and experience will cultivate presence, reveal a voice and body that is open and free, expressive and capable of communicating emotional truth thus bringing to bear our most authentic, vulnerable and creatively powerful state; the path to become radiant storyteller.

Led by Rafał Habel and Julianna Bloodgood, formerly of Song of the Goat Theatre, this workshop is physical at its core and ensemble based. Through a physical approach to performance training, every aspect of the work creates a deep sense of listening and responsiveness to the impulses that arise within one’s own body and from the collective ensemble. We will deepen the body-voice connection and explore how sound is derived and physically experienced, creating a visceral understanding of the voice and enlivening new possibilities for song, text and vocal improvisation.

This workshop contributes to the classical actor’s technique, dance, physical and musical theatre by awakening a sense of internal and external rhythm, working with physical impulse, spatial awareness and focus. Each exercise will deepen the body’s connection to impulses and stimulus and gradually interconnect all aspects of the craft. The manifestation of the work is dynamic, contemplative and entirely musical.

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