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courtesy of Song of the Goat


photo K.Bieliński

Song of the Goat Theater


Character: Madam Lyubov Ranyevskaya

Devised, premiered and toured internationally.

Key in the devising process and contributed to several musical compositions.

The musical interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s Cherry Orchard is the story of a lost paradise in which the eponymously squandered Cherry Orchard is symbolic of spoiled values becoming poetical myth. The characters’ memories of a former existence become an unreachable perfection. Each character a story which is expressed through individual gesture, song, movement and dance. Underlined by an ever-present musical score, relationships are formed, actions and characters defined and using Osip Mandelstam and Anna Akhmatova’s lyrical poetry, we create “musical poems”.
Director: Grzegorz Bral
Choreography: Agata Makowska
Music: Guy Pearson, Maciej Rychły
Musicians: Guy Pearson, Maciej Rychły
Lighting: Wojciech Maniewski


“Emotions from Chekhov's text are so well done… You can experience it, especially listening to Raniewska's dramatic confessions… through the statuesque and perfectly channeled voice of Julianna Bloodgood...”
- Kamila Lapiska writer for Dziennik Teatralny -


“Top-class quality. Masterful, perfect,

full of emotions and professionalism.”

-Karolina Przystupa theatre critic-

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