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In search of different cultural perspectives on the body, voice and the ritual of performance. 

Ever since I’ve been a child, I’ve had a need deep within me to understand the world that was just beyond my reach. As a youth, I would walk down unknown city streets and imagine the life that people lived within the walls and windows of the houses I passed. I began to follow this need within me to know, to feel, to touch, to see, to understand by traveling the world. Very rarely have I traveled in the name of tourism. I have traveled with a question: “What does it mean to be human?” My purpose of travel has been to enter into other cultures with humility and to witness, to learn, to touch others’ ways and let the experience wash over and through me, allowing myself to be


photos Michael Littig

changed always. Or to enter into a culture with an offering, which is my performance. Andallow my performance to be changed as a result of that interaction.  These changes are not always easy and sometimes requires letting go of my own cultural beliefs and perceptions. But that challenge and confrontation of my own beliefs and perceptions has been a necessary part of my journey and something that I am continuously experiencing and continuously grateful for. 

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