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We Will Leave Only Bone

Reflections of Eurydice 

Odra Ensemble


Character: Eurydice/ Ensemble

Based on three years of research and development.

Devised and performed

The tension between life and death, God and human, and the boundaries of life and love is expressed through the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Odra Ensemble has drawn inspiration from music and poetry from around the world to trace the epic journey of Orpheus and Eurydice. Through Orpheus’ song and plea to the gods of the underworld we see how the power of love upsets the order of things and how song can cross the borders of life and death.

Out of rigorous training and expeditions throughout three years of time comes a theatrical performance inspired in equal parts by mythologies, songs, dances, rituals and performance traditions discovered while journeying around the world.

Director: Anu Salonen
Lighting: Kamil Piwko

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photo Karol Jarek


photo Karol Jarek

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